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I am you. You are me.

This is so for us and for everything else in existence.
I am everything and you are everything.
And this everything is yearning and working to create a way to express itself uniquely through the unique form it created in each of us.
It is possible for a human being to awaken, to become fully conscious.

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Upcoming Classes and Events

Awakening April 23, 6:30-10:30pm
Essence May 3 2014
Summer Solstice Celebration June 21
Solstice Sweat Lodge June 21, 12am

Breathwork Immersion

August 24-29, 2014
Location: Rhinebeck, NY
Continuing Education Credits Offered

Teachers: Shirley Telles, Stan Grof, Jessica Dibb, Richard Brown and more…

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Transform Your Life and the World Through Conscious Breathing!

Highlighted Breathwork Practitioner


Paul Phillips
Paul has been doing Breathwork and working with Inspiration since 1989. He is currently a member of an ongoing Bodhisattva group as well as the Essence Emerging inner work group, and he serves as the lead guide for the Essence class.