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MISSION STATEMENTAugust 4th, 2014 Inspiration is dedicated to serving the emergence of personal, relational, and planetary wholeness. Recognizing the intimate connection among all living beings, we...

Training Breath Practitioners to Heal the World

Can you help us send Inspiration students to the Breath Immersion Conference at Omega August 24-29? Your contribution is not only helping an individual --it is also helping the growth of Inspiration, and the healing of the world thorough the power of breath. Whether you are a past, current or future student of Inspiration Community & Consciousness School, whether you are a Practitioner, or plan to be one, if you are a friend, if you are someone who just wants to help bring peace to this world. Won't you think about giving a donation? No amount is too small, and every penny and positive thought is so greatly appreciated.

I am you. You are me.

This is so for us and for everything else in existence.
I am everything and you are everything.
And this everything is yearning and working to create a way to express itself uniquely through the unique form it created in each of us.
It is possible for a human being to awaken, to become fully conscious.


Upcoming Classes

Breath Immersion


Title: Breath Immersion
Location: Omega Institute
Register: Click here
Description: Join Omega’s 2nd annual Breath Immersion to explore leading-edge research and learn how to integrate and advance the power of breath into our modern world. Those new and experienced in breath practice are invited to participate in building a healthier world together.
Start Date: 08-24-2014
End Date:   08-29-2014



Title: Awakening
Location: Inspiration Community
Register: Click here
Description: Awakening is the primary class of the School. It promotes grounding and expansive opening. People at any stage of inquiry— from beginners to master teachers— have taken this course to create rapid holographic paradigm shifts in their lives. Each class meeting inspires the awakening of the core energies found in the body’s nerve centers.

The class meets Tuesdays, Sept 23, 30, Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, and Nov 4. The weekend event for this class is Oct 24 at 7pm to Oct 26, at 6pm.

Format: the class meets for four hours (6:30pm – 10:30pm) once a week for eight weeks, plus one weekend residential retreat.